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Hear from some of our very important friends!

Dear Staff,

The staff at Windermere Animal Hospital are the very best in my opinion. Their very loving treatment of my dog, Zeus was something you do not see very often. Whenever Zeus would come in, he would always be greeted by the staff as “Mr. Zeus” or “Handsome Man”….He was a beautiful tri-color Collie but was a sickly dog. Zeus had seizures and bad hips. But he was a fighter; he never gave up. Even a few days before he died, he attempted to climb the stairs to follow me. He loved the staff at Windermere Animal Hospital. He was always happy to go and see them. The veterinarians tried so hard to help him. They always were thorough in their testing. They offered a new treatment to help Zeus with his bad hips. This treatment was a great help to him in getting up and down. I found love and caring with all the staff. They would carry him to the car for me when they knew he couldn’t walk very good. They took the time to listen to my concerns, even when the waiting room was filled with patients. They comforted me at the very worst time, having to tell me that Zeus did not make it. I have the utmost respect for all the staff and would tell anyone to take their pet to them if they want the very best care. I want to tell all the staff how much we love them for the care they gave Zeus.

Brenda Mendez
Fishers, IN

Dr. Nix,

Many thanks for taking care of Paco yesterday. It’s a comfort to know that she’s all up to date on her annual shots and tests. We appreciate your kindness and generosity. Here is a picture of our Mardi Gras dog for you!

Paulette Carson

Dear Windermere Animal Hospital Dr.’s & Staff,

My name is Buffalo Bill Cody and I was one of eleven Portuguese Water Dog puppies born on September 11, 2001. My Mom wanted me to have a strong, American name which would reflect the date of my birth I answer to Cody, No, Stop or Get Out. I hear the later quite a bit since I have a tendency to explore and take advantage of situations. I like to think that I do my namesake justice.

The truth is that I LOVE food and will do anything to get more. I can’t help it. I am lucky in that I am tall enough to counter surf. When I smell something interesting I have to explore, retrieve and eat – and I am fast. (I have really tried to improve upon on my speed since it is critical to retrieve before I am discovered.) I have been known to taste numerous food items such as sticks of butter which were acquired at numerous times even though their position became more challenging. I have also inhaled part of a delicious apple and brie quiche, banana bread that was still warm, cookie dough and 16 buttery croissants that were opened and eaten in less than 2 minutes. I have had to become more creative since almost all of these items were placed higher and against the back wall of the counter. I have found that when I stand on my back legs to access the food situation I can reach father by pulling one shoulder back so the other can extend farther in front of me. I have also mastered the act of scooping with the paw from right to left or if the item is high to paw down on the edge to make it flip. Both have become quite affective. When the large plastic container of croissants were placed on the toaster oven and pushed back against the wall, I had to use these tactics.

Unfortunately, some items I have ingested have led to unpleasant Vet visits. (Trash explorations, yummy cat food, a neighbor’s prescriptions drugs and bubble gum.) These ingestions have caused me to spend one night in the doggy ER, a few x-rays, and numerous medicines to help me feel better. One of my least favorites and thank goodness quickest resolution was when I found hidden some bubble gum. I went to the vet for what I anticipated to be a social visit only to find myself in one of “those rooms.” Dr. Nix was nice until he put something in my eye and I tried and tried to wipe it out but he and my Mom wouldn’t let me. I soon started to feel pretty sick and then everything came up and out. There on top was the bubble gum – it looked better when I ate it. Then Dr. Nix took out that thing in my eye and pretty soon I was feeling better for more explorations. My next challenge is how to move the gate that keeps appearing in target rich environments – any suggestions?

Fishers, IN

Dear Windermere Animal Hospital,

All of the staff are so friendly and helpful! Grooming is great! Dr. Nix is also great with Purdy. I always feel so comfortable leaving her there. They take such loving care of Purdy.

Diana Clark (Purdy’s Mom)

Dear Windermere Animal Hospital,

Grooming is awesome. We attached a picture so that you can see how cute he looked when he came home. This was his first appointment here so we were unsure how he would react. We are so pleased with the job. We feel this was the best grooming he has ever had.

We also want you to know that we and Coco love Windermere Animal Hospital. Coco gets very excited to visit even when it is a medical appointment. It is very clear that he loves everyone there and that you love him (his tail hardly stops wagging when he’s there or when we say ‘Windermere… do you want to go to Windermere?’). He gets so excited and loves to get hugs and attention. He has been there for daycare and boarding, as well as for grooming and medical visits. It is obvious with each experience that he receives the best of care. The staff always take the time to ensure we understand everything. We never feel rushed or like Coco is just another patient.

Windermere Animal Hospital truly exhibits “Pampered Pet Care” in everything you do and we are very happy that we can trust you to take good care of ‘our baby’. Thank you for all that you do!

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Mayfield (aka Coco’s mom & dad)
Fishers, IN

Dear Windermere Animal Hospital Dr.’s & Staff,

Windermere Animal Hospital has always taken excellent care of our pets, Lucy and Scout. The doctors and staff meet every need from preventative care, grooming, boarding and the occasional emergency. The staff was diligent in keeping us informed of vaccination due dates and other pertinent information. They gave us peace of mind especially when work or vacation plans separated us from our pets. We never worried about Lucy and Scout when we boarded them at Windermere. They have something called Pampered Pet Care, but we know that they pampered our pets whether we opted for that service or not. Once while boarding, Lucy, out terrier, participated in a staff meeting getting lots of exercise and attention. Oh, and whenever it was check out time Lucy and Scout always got some delicious treats! We will miss Windermere. I hope we find a good animal hospital here in North Carolina with such a loving staff such as Windermere!

Blair, Connie, Scout & Lucy Swogger
North Carolina